Touching Lives Through the world of Drama,Movie and Music  

Experienced Movie producer &Director,International Screenplay writer,Event management Expert, Activist and Actors Coach, Professional Psychologist,Astitute Politician,Religious Scholar/Researcher, International Businessman and agent.

Charles Iheanacho Ekwonye was born in Aba Abia State of Nigeria. He lived in Aba, Umuahia, Lagos, London and Abuja before settling down. He is the author of several screenplays including The Omen Unmistakable, A pink Rose for Juliet Captured as well as the best unproduced movie script. He is presently one of Africa’s lead scriptwriter and the author of the City of no tomorrow, which screened in more than 10 territories worldwide. Following the recognition of his work A Pink Rose for Juliet: The Breast Cancer award winning script in 2012, he worked on a new movie script featuring oneof Hollywood best.

He continues to write on a part time basis for the screen in Britain, United States and Nigeria. Current or recent projects that is expected to roll off  include a forthcoming, third series of Omen Unmistakable, two yet-to-be-aired episodes of In love with an Enemy, and The dumb don’t tell lies, a new action adventure-series for local TV satellite stations. His feature projects include The Miner’s Bitter Tale a new adaptation of My pride in the African Forest for Mitchell Forte and Footprints. Charles was included in Variety magazine’s prestigious list of “10 Screenwriters to Watch” for 2013. While working in England and Nigeria and has won several international screenplay awards, he continues to do what he knows best…. writing.Charles has written so many songs for professional musicians and songs stars. He wrote and composed the first ever HIV/AIDS national anthem " STAY ALIVE" and won so many music award including the the latter day -saint hymn text competition sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saint. He is so far the first and the only African to win the award.

He is a member of : Band of Entrepreneurs,  LDS Employment Resource Network, LDS Latter-Day Saint Business Owners,LDS Professionals, Leadership Think Tank, MORMONS IN BUSINESS, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, Nigeria business communities,Abuja business network,Event Pros,National association of charity gift planners,Oil and gas industry. He has Bsc (HONS) Psychology,MA in counseling Psychology,Diploma in Conflict Analysis withe the United State Institute of Peace and so many certificates in Movie and Music production